Desert - Gilf el Kebir

Through my lenses I am a Witness for Mother Nature,
an Observer for deserts, trees, water and Earth,
a Researcher for the Essence of Beauty.

Desert - Great Sand Sea
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Who I am

I was born in Italy and grew up in a family from which I learned to cultivate love and respect for nature, beauty, art.

Since childhood I had the lucky and possibility to do beautiful experiences, travelling for feeding my inner curiosity who pushing me to observe and discover Mother Nature, knowing new places, meeting new people and new culture, always in natural territories. Trekking on mountains, walking on the bed of the rivers, meditating in the forests, climbing the trees or rocks, sailing on the seas,

traveling by bicycle, were for me all essential experiences for my inner growth. All this taught me to love the environment, respect it and protect it growing with the deep awareness that we belong to Mother Nature. If the Earth becomes ill or suffers, we become ill too. I use my personal photographic language for testifying the Nature arounds us, its beauty and often its wounds.

Dolomites - Winter panorama in Wilderness
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My Language & Style

Purity and natural beauty, without filters, without manipulation. I love Black and White photography and Fine Art prints.

I have always tried to look beyond appearances, looking at things, facts, people, places with different eyes, from different points of view, far and near, using my personal sensitivity, discovering conditions that people often ignore the existence. I have always tried to grow up, protecting my mind and my eyes from bad conditioning and cultural contamination.

The natural environment, unknown places, are subjects that I am interested to document, witnessing the reality and documenting the truth. I use naked truth also when I document the results of bad habits of human beings. Natural light, Black and White photography, Fine Art prints is the natural language and media I use. Sometimes my stories are printed and shown with colors.

Dolomites - Macro on Waterfalls

About Photography

I considers photography a fundamental element of communication in human society, in our private life and in business too. It’s a great invention and a contagious agent, a powerful tool for speaking with people in a direct way. It’s useful for telling and sharing facts, stories and interesting things with other human beings, for showing beautful or sensual elements often hidden or "invisible" to our eyes, for sharing positive or negative experience. It has the power to stimulate the senses and nourish the feelings and awareness in spectators. Photos help people also to think about specific topics, critical issues, changing point of view on our beliefs.

The art and language of photography can help also to witness and report serious facts and crimes against humanity and nature. It's useful also for refreshing our memories. The hope of change and heal of the world passes from the documentation of the truth and never from the silence or the concealment of the facts. In this way, photography can change everything. Photos can heal also our souls through the beauty and instill hope for the future. Photographers have a great responsibility to tell the truth. Viewers have equal responsibility to understand the truth, think and take action.


What I do

When we look at a photograph, flipping through the pages of Magazines, browsing through a book, looking an art collection exhibited in Art Galleries, Museums, Foundations, Hotels, Home, Boats, we never imagine what was the paths and efforts that the photographer have done for making the image in front of our eyes. At the same time we can't understand how many years the photographer has spent before making that perfect shot, we can't imagine the list of risks faced and we can't calculate all the time needed for completing that collection so precious for our eyes.

Every photo has a long story and it is the complex result of study and research the subjects through the use of maps, books, reports. A photographer must be trained to organize the travel and logistics of the expedition in every single detail. He must be skilled for creating special photo shoots often using few equipments, using only natural lights and respecting the environment.
A Fine Art photographer must be expert into production of
the best FineArt Prints for collection, the best Books, ....

Limited Editions are not produced making a simple click.

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My works

I invite you to browse through my main works and collections:

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Contact me

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