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Nikbarte: Desert Photographer - Desert photographyNikbarte: the Desert Photographer

nikbarte, the desert photographer
Nik Barte was born in Verona in 1967.

Began his passion in photography and arts during the adolescence, then develops a growing interest in communication with preference for visual arts.

It's during this period of his adolescence that comes to light his love for observation and reproduction of the world, with more attraction for Mother Nature, portraits of people, life and environment, through the art of photography.

The photograph is discovered initially by reading and looking at books of art preserved in the libraries of the grandparents, studying the works of the photographers and visiting exhibitions and museums.

The first photographers that Nik discovers through the reading of books are Andreas Feininger, Max Dupain, Edward Weston and Helmut Newton.

It is probably this very early period called "the age of reflection", that helps Nik to turn on the desire of travelling with eyes and a camera to discover the world and its beauties, often hidden.

In this way Nik has began his long journey in the world, for capturing and documenting the essence of what was not yet been described by other photographers, through a own expressive language.

The first decade was focused to general reportage and portraits of people.

Nik Barte carries a camera everywhere, claiming that “you never know when and where you will observe amazing things in the world around us”. “We must be always ready for shooting the essence of life, the beauty and the birth of a sudden emotion”.

In 1993 born within him a great attraction for the deserts, discovered during a visit to the Mojave Desert in the Joshua Tree National Park. This experience was for him a sort of "electric shock".

In 2003 began for him a period of intense activity of expedition and research in the sandy deserts of Libya, Tunisia and Egypt, giving origin to several works that, only ten years later, will be shown in public through his first art project titled: "DUNEs, unveiled beauties". For him the expeditions in the heart of the African deserts become a sort of obsession.

Great Sand Sea, White Desert, Black Desert, Qattara Depression, Karafish Desert, Gilf el Kebir Desert, Wan Kasa, Erg Murzuq, Abu Muharik are the names of the deserts where Nik Barte has intensified his photographic research.  Black and White is the language used mainly for showing the character, the shades, the shape, in one word the real spirit of the desert.

In February 2011 Nik lived for almost a month in the Gilf el Kebir desert, placed at south of Egypt in the heart of the Sahara, for creating an extraordinary series of works. An intense and unusual experience, he has spent with the own camera.

In February 2013 has crossed the egyptian desert using a traditional MTB bicycle. Nik has travelled by bicycle in self-sufficiency the desert that separates the oasis of Siwa and the Bahariya. A trail by bicycle along 422 Km of sand, rocks and stones, cycling continously for two days. His photo camera was on board of his bicycle even during this unusual experience.

Nik considers photography a way for telling and sharing with people the most interesting things and events, more sensual images, more positive experience, more exciting images that may stimulate the senses and nourish the feelings in other human beings. Images help people also to think about specific topics and events.

For Nik the desert represents one of the most extraordinary metaphors of life. Among the many proverbs of the wise people still living in the desert, there is one in which the photographer is particularly fond of: " God created land rich in water to allow people to live and created the desert so that they can find their soul ".

In 2013 his project “DUNES: Unveiled Beauties” has received the high patronage from the foundation “Museo delle Antichità Egizie”, formally the Egyptian Museum in Turin (Italy).

Nik's works and projects was exposed here:

- Milan (Italy): Spazio NOA, 2010
- Brescia (Italy): L'Arcobaleno, 2011
- Cologne (Germany): Photokina, 2012
- Paris (France): Le Salon de la Photo, 2012
- Brescia (Italy): Officina da Camera, 2013
- Turin (Italy): More words Festival, 2013
- Turin (Italy): Photissima Art Fair, 2013
- Bergamo: BAF Bergamo Art Fair, 2014
- Milan: N.I.P. New Ideal Photography, SR Sabrina Raffaghello Art Gallery, 2014
- Milan: #DesARTification, SR Sabrina Raffaghello Art Gallery, 2015
- Brescia: #DesARTification, Gusmeri Fine Art Gallery, 2016
- Brescia: #DesARTification, Environment and Mountain Festival, 2017

Nikbarte (portrait done by Wolf Linder)

                  (photo courtesy of Wolf Linder)

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    Main photographic art works are available in Limited Edition for private art Collectors, Museums and Art Galleries, printed on precious Fine Art papers for archive (Hahnemühle FineArt paper). my favorite subjects

- Deserts and Dunes

- Portraits

- Landscapes and Nature

- Brand identity

- Bad human behaviours

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