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Nikbarte: Earth Observer - Backstage of "DesARTification"Nikbarte: Essence  & Beauty Researcher, Earth Observer

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    During my life I focused my lenses on different subjects, exclusively with natural light and natural poses.

    My energy was focused towards these directions:

- Deserts and Dunes

- Portraits

- Landscapes and Nature

- Brand identity

- Bad human behaviours

       I'm always in search of new artistic point of view, natural elements, beautiful contrasts, magic patterns, sensual shadows and again precious and harmonic element capable of capturing my imagination. What I see and what I shoot must be able to make vibrate the strings of my heart.

    With my work I desire to describe and put in evidence the natural beauty of the things, the true essence of the soul inside a subject, I love to share the same emotions received in the same instant when I have done the shoot, with the natural lights and natural shadows available in the space around me.

C. Braga (Fortaleza): Uma foto espetacular!

T. Hansen (Berlin): this is a superb image - wonderful captured and composed - first class masterpice!

Kiki (Paris): The Little Prince literally just jumped out of your picture.... what a fitting testimonial to HIS land and his home. Very attractive work and beautifully treated and displayed.

C. Zurbuchen (Genève): A most sublime image, an image that will remain in our minds forever !

R. Dobb (Coventry): Stunning beauty.

M. Westerbom (Stockholm): Just stunning!!!
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