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Nikbarte: Desert PhotographerNikbarte: Essence  & Beauty Researcher, Earth Observer

my favorite subjects and art works said about me and my art works

    During my life I focused my lenses on different subjects, exclusively with natural light and natural poses.

    My energy was focused towards these directions:

- Deserts and Dunes

- Portraits

- Landscapes and Nature

- Brand identity

- Bad human behaviours

    Inside my subjects, I search an artistic point of view or a precious and harmonic element capable of capturing my imagination. What I see must be able to make vibrate the strings of my heart.

    I desire to describe and put in evidence the natural beauty of the things, the true essence of the soul inside a subject, describe the emotions received in that precise lapse of time using the lights and shadows available in the space around me.

C. Braga (Fortaleza): Uma foto espetacular!

T. Hansen (Berlin): this is a superb image - wonderful captured and composed - first class masterpice!

Kiki (Paris): The Little Prince literally just jumped out of your picture.... what a fitting testimonial to HIS land and his home. Very attractive work and beautifully treated and displayed.

C. Zurbuchen (Genève): A most sublime image, an image that will remain in our minds forever !

R. Dobb (Coventry): Stunning beauty.

M. Westerbom (Stockholm): Just stunning!!!
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    I am organizing my photographic archive within my website. I invite you to visit a concise collection of operas within Flickr500pxGoogle+Facebook.

    This main archive of works is built with photographs done during my expeditions in the deserts.

    I travel always with a photocamera in my backpack or fanny pack, because I believe we can not imagine when it will be a good time to take pictures and to shoot next stunning photography.
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