Art is the strongest way of connecting people!!

I care to establish relationships with entities that share my core values:

Galleries. Collectors. Museum. Art foundations. 
Corporate art collections and philanthropic institutions.
Exhibition spaces and art venues. Companies with high ecological awareness.
All determined individuals with strong belief that Beauty can save the World.

I welcome contacts from all the art lovers that would like to know more about my work and my projects. 

Please, let me know your opinion and even more, share with me your feelings about my work.
I’d love to answer your questions or simply, to hear from you. 

I love to make Art happen!! Art is the strongest way of connecting people so to share globally the awareness about the need to take care of Mother Nature.
There is no a planet B !!

Feel free to contact me for any further information.

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Nik Barte

Essence of Beauty Researcher
Witness to Mother Nature
Fine Art Photographer